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Where Lies the Future of British Music Theatre?

MOMO_Logo_Greewich_Theatre_UKThis is an interesting article from James Haddrell, the Artistic & Executive Director of Greenwich Theatre in London from the Huffington Post (UK) from a few days back.  I’ve highlighted, in bold text, a couple of phrases from his thoughtful op. ed. piece, not because these particular words are any more, or less, provoking than other ideas expressed throughout, but because you don’t see these words often used in connection with discussions on, or about, musical theatre practice.

I’m, personally, almost convinced; being currently involved in producing an Off-Broadway piece of mine at this very moment (The Mapmaker’s Opera) that the future of musical theatre will emanate from the UK (and not the USA). By rights, with the American-led advancement in new visual and audio technologies – and the emergence of early adoption practices in transmedia storytelling  – innovation should come out of the USA, but theatre practices across the country are so entrenched in outmoded business models – and especially Off-Broadway! – that the Brits. will probably get there first.  And all kudos to them I say, as some of the most challenging and inspirational new muscial theatre work is evolving from the regional and subsidised theatres across the UK.  Some days, it’s good to be a British resident!

You can read Jame’s piece here, or click on the link above. Continue Reading →

A Rare Spotlight On A Day In The Life…..


Photo_Simon Schluter

Some days, it’s good to be a composer/songwriter, especially when a terrific little piece about your work gets some mainstream Press exposure.  Yesterday, The Age Newspaper in Melbourne printed a very generous article about Victor’s and my work on The Mapmaker’s Opera project.  You can read the full article here.

It’s also rare, because I don’t use my personal website for shameless self-promotion as a general rule but, in this case, as it is about a Musical project that a lot of people other than myself are very passionate about, I thought I might make an exception! Continue Reading →