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Opera & Music Theatre Forum (OMTF)

OMTFOne of the most important advocacy groups for Opera as an artform in the UK is the OMTF.  Their self-stated mission is to be …a network of companies working to create an environment in which opera and music theatre can flourish.

One can only applaud both the sentiment and the ambition.

OMTF’s 2013 conference entitled, ‘FUTURE TENSE? – What will the world be like in 2030?’ was held on November 13 in London.  The invited speakers, including playwright/librettist, Mark Ravenhill, were a pretty stellar group of informed individuals, not the least being Royal Opera House artistic director, Kasper Holten. Continue Reading →


Welcome back. I’m writing from Manchester (UK). This viedo discussion panel/interview (about 48 mins. duration) is really a masterclass in writing Musicals from Winnie Holzman and Stephen Schwartz (co-writers of Wicked). It was recorded at the 2nd. Dramatists Guild Conference in Chicago about a week ago. I didn’t get to see this session as Ned Ginsburg and I were doing a parallel session in another room discussing the composer/orchestrator collaboration process, so I am really pleased that this session was filmed for a broader audience.

I needn’t say more. If you’re interested in how great Musicals come about, then “watch, listen and learn”, as the saying goes.

NB. The insightful questions from ASCAP’s Director of Musical Theatre, Michael A. Kerker, in directing the conversation to a packed room of conference attendees – the man is a living encyclopedia in all things related to American Musical Theatre!

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What Do I Learn From ‘Wicked’ The Musical?

Wicked_LogoHaving spent some time previously musing about the relative non-success of ALW’s The Woman in White, I thought I’d turn to a brief reflection on the Musical phenomenon that opened the year before TWIW on Broadway:  Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman’s Wicked – The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz.

I was fortunate to see this show again last Saturday in London at The Apollo Victoria Theatre – especially so in that I just ‘rocked-up’ and said “I’d like to buy a ticket please?”  Given that the theatre was full for the Saturday Matinee; in a theatre that has just over 2,300 seats, I thought myself a bit fortunate in hindsight! Continue Reading →

The New York Pops: The Wizard and I: The Musical Journey of Stephen Schwartz


Steven Reineke

So I’ve just hit ‘send’ to the folk at the New York Pops on the last of the charts and parts for this forthcoming celebration of Stephen Schwartz’s music at Carnegie Hall on April 12.  I’m an unabashed admirer of Steven Reineke, Music Director and Conductor of the NY Pops (pictured left) as well as several other, so-called, ‘Pops’ conductors within the American symphony orchestra firmament.  And, I’ll tell you why: Continue Reading →