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The Rise and Rise of Orchestra Recording Labels

WXQR_LogoIt’s well worth listening to this recent and informative podcast from the excellent WQXR 105.9 FM radio station in New York.  The three respondents to the interview questions from Naomi Lewin are respectively: Anastasia Tsioulcas, who covers classical music for NPR Music; Marc Geelhoed, who manages the Chicago Symphony house label CSO Resound, and Matt Whittier, the senior marketing manager at Naxos of America.  These are all intelligent classical music journalists and administrative executives whose answers to probing questions are erudite and informative.  Why then do I get this nagging feeling that they’ve all somehow missed the entire point of digital music services in respect to so-called ‘classical music’ and orchestras? Continue Reading →

Why Do We Never Truly Engage In This Debate About Australian Orchestral Music ?

Copland-Barber-MenottiI rather like this little Op Ed piece from By Naomi Lewin : WQXR Host / Brian Wise seen on the WQXR website in the USA from April 10 this year – check it out here.  It’s entitled,

Are American Orchestras ‘Blatantly Ignoring’ American Music?

It reminds me how little we are engaged in debate about the appalling lack of Australian composed music performed  live by the professional symphony orchestras in Australia.  I need to make the distinction here that I am talking about live performances, as opposed to the recording of music by Australian composers, which is an entirely different matter – and quite positive in the grander scheme of things.

The American interested parties in this debate might think “Well, things aren’t so bad afterall,” if they knew the statistics and realities for the multiple forgotten generations of Australian composers who are uniformly disregarded, and collectively generally denied any performance opportunities, by our orchestras. Continue Reading →