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OK, OK…The Rumour Is True: We Are Doing A New Online Music Theatre Thriller

Loch_Skerrow_TrainOK, we’re forced to come clean if only to allay the mounting rumours.  I swear I don’t know how they start!

Yes, it’s true. Victor Kazan and I are working on a ground-breaking transmedia musical theatre work. Designed in conjunction with Ortelia Interactive Spaces: an Australian company exceptional for its development in creating 3D interactive environments using client content, the project is probably the most challenging thing we have ever done.

So what’s it all about then you ask? Well the description below is what we are releasing for general consumption just at this point. More information will become available as we get closer to a release. Are we worried that someone might appropriate our idea? Not at all.  No-one is ever going to work out what we’ve designed and how it’s executed. What I can tell you is that the design and interaction concepts have never been previously done.  Yep, it actually is unique! Continue Reading →

Forthcoming Events And The Launch of Something Very Close To My Heart

Australian Discovery OrchestraSo, I’ve just realised that I haven’t written a post since July 8 – which even for me must be a record of sorts.  Well, I did go on vacation for three weeks, and did have to move to escape from an insane landlord here in NY, but otherwise I’m not sure what my excuse is?

Oh yeah, I remember now, I’ve been planning a couple of great new projects (actually I’m starting to sound like a character in Andy McDermott’s ‘Nina Wilde’ action novels – which are just just by and by, a great read, not to mention a respite from reading more serious tomes on different aspects of music and theatre).  I digress.

Let’s start with something very close to my heart.  Yes, the logo on the upper left.  In a very few weeks time will see the launch of the new Australian Discovery Orchestra.  What no URL link Kevin?  Apparently the web site is still under development by the management team, so can’t go there right now.  But I can tell you (cue fanfare Mr. Stokowski please!) that I have been appointed Principal Conductor.

The ADO will give two concerts a year (actually three in 2016, but more on that later).  So how did this all come about?  Well a few folk who had some involvement with a previous orchestra project that I had put together in Australia, asked me whether I’d be prepared to help them put together a bigger and better version of the previous enterprise. Who can say ‘no’ to such a request!  And the reason is this: I fervently believed in and nurtured the previous orchestra for several years and it (and by this I mean the orchestral musicians who performed with the orchestra) achieved tremendous results – notably in a very short space of time.  But most importantly, those orchestral players suddenly had opportunities to perform that otherwise previously did not exist.  And that’s why it is so important to me.  Keep and eye out, as I will write more about this when the ADO web site goes live.  It’s going to be great! Continue Reading →