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In Full Voice: SMH Article on Australian Musical Theatre Development

CATS_ImageThe article about which I am offering an opinion can be read here: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/musicals/in-full-voice-20120428-1xrhl.html

Whereas, it is not factually accurate, as Dean Bryant suggests that ”Musicals in Australia are probably by far the most popular form of live performing arts.” he’s not that far from being right.  Live music performance in the ‘contemporary popular music’ genre is that most popular form of live performing arts in this country.  The apposite point is that the musical theatre genre is a significant contributor to the health of the live performing arts sector in Australia.  Without it, much other theatre would languish in its wake. Continue Reading →

The Craft of Writing Musical Theatre – PART 1

Keyboard_ComputerThe development of new Musicals in Australia is in its infancy.  This is an indisputable fact, however egregious when compared against the lineage of development opportunities in America.  With real longitudinal commitment to this perennially diverse and popular theatrical Art form, the two main live and broadcast rights collection agencies (BMI and ASCAP respectively) in the USA have seen the tangible and significant benefits of their investment in supporting writers of ‘Broadway’ Musicals. Continue Reading →