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Interviews with American Theatre Creatives: Brisa Trinchero (Producer)

As you may recall, I am in the process of writing a new book about the Musical Theatre industry in the USA and UK –  otherwise referred to as ‘Broadway’ and the ‘West End’ – albeit the industry is far more diverse than these two primary Meccas for aspiring writers, and an area which is also covered in some depth inside the book.

As part of the development for writing this book, I have  interviewed a number of leading theatre professionals around the world about their work and the current state of the industry.   Without exception, everyone interviewed have given freely of their time – and they are busy folk – so my thanks to each and everyone of them is entirely heartfelt.

Each interviewee has also reviewed the transcript of their respective interview, so what you read is really what they want to say and impart to readers as salient information.

The book covers five main areas of investigation: Continue Reading →

The Dramatists Guild Conference (Chicago)

DG_LogoToday, I am taking a few days away from my current commitments in London to attend the Dramatists Guild Conference in Chicago.  I’m also getting to give a presentation tomorrow afternoon with the very fine Broadway orchestrator, Ned Ginsburg, which will be very exciting.

The Dramatists Guild is a wonderful member support and advocacy organisation for writers of theatre in the USA.  They provide an exceptional service in areas of promoting the creative writing aspect of theatre, as well as access to formidable education and legal assistance resources of relevance to the community of members.  It is most worthwhile considering applying for membership with DG.  Personally, I have received critical advice on several occasions that alone has warranted my decision to become involved.  You do not need to be based in the USA to seek membership.

More from Chicago.



Something Wicked This Way Comes

Kevin_Purcell_July_2013I’ve always wanted to use today’s post title, but never quite found a good enough reason to do so.  However, today I think I have a good enough reason.

I am privileged to announce that I am going out on a very lengthy tour, for the first time in many a year, as Musical Director for the first UK/Eire tour of Wicked.  This Musical is undoubtedy a phenomenon having now been running on Broadway for ten years and here in London’s West End for seven, but it’s longevity; so often put down to the favour it is held in by a broad audience demographic and the portrayal of two feisty, strong women, actually belies the fact that the piece is supremely crafted in every detail.  In actuality its immediate popularity, with that sense of easy familiarity for audiences, is an illusion of finely wrought and beautifully disguised narrative genius through its three contingent structural aspects: music, lyrics and book. Continue Reading →