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Australian Opera: New Directions?

Lyndon_TerraciniThe following article taken from artsHub.com.au is interesting on many levels.  At a very simple level, it is an incisive commentary on the general malaise besetting world opera, although the beleaguered Opera Australia is far behind the strategic advancements of some companies in Europe, UK and the USA.  The late Mexican composer, Daniel Catán, has previously and eruditely commented on many of the same issues through the auspice of Opera America, so none of Lyndon Terracini’s commentary really comes as much of a surprise. Notwithstanding, if it reflects a coming change in wind direction for Australian Opera in general, then its timing is welcomed?

On other levels, Lyndon’s address regrettably doesn’t go far enough in developing a discourse around why no Australian opera has ever entered the repertoire?  I have a suspicion, however, that the forthcoming new version of Brenton Broadstock’s Fahrenheit 451 might change this.

Notwithstanding being given opportunities to have work presented, where does one go in Australia to learn how to write for the operatic stage or musical theatre stage (a topic I have, equally, to my own chagrin ‘danced-around’ in previous posts on this site).  Here’s the answer: You can’t, because not one single Conservatorium in this fair land has approbated, let alone identified, that this is sorely needed.  All these issues are, as one might suspect, interconnected and interrelated.  Or more colloquially: It ain’t simple!

And one more thing, before you read on to Lyndon’s well constructed thoughts, I would still like to see someone tackle the issue of training opera conductors in Australia.  I was lucky.  I got to do my training in and internship overseas with some of the great opera conductors, but I’d hate to be starting out now – and living in Australia.

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