Music of the Americas


And The Earth In Your Bones Returns To the Ground What is this?

Harold Farberman (1929 – )
The Great American Cowboy Suite (1979)

Breakout and Ride – Championship Belts, Ropes and Saddles – Head to Head Competition – Title and Oldest Living Cowboy – Killer Horse – Mud Rodeo – Clowns – Prelude to Bull Wrestling – Back Home

Aaron Copland (1900 – 1990)
The Tender Land: Suite (1958)

I. Introduction and Love Music
II. Party Scene
III. Finale: The Promise of Living


Michael Kamen (1948 – 2003)
The New Moon in the Old Moon’s Arms (2001)

Dubbed the composer’s “first classical symphony,” is a four-part symphonic poem inspired by the Native American Anasazi people. The title of the album is quoted from an Iroquai Indian who Kamen met as a little boy and symbolizes “a glimpse of the future in the light of the past.” As a committed humanist and a devotee to the American Indian, Kamen chose to mark the new millennium with a symphony that tells a story about the past that makes us consider the future with a message of compassion and humanity.  Kamen’s untimely passing in 2003 was one of the greatest losses to American Music.


1ros A concert with one rosette is an excellent program for engaging new audiences.

2ros Two rosette programs present either works of lesser-known composers whose works I particularly admire; or pieces that have been unjustly neglected over the years, and which should be performed more regularly.

3ros Three rosette programs are a deeply considered exploration of a composer, or works composed in response to, or contemporaneous with, significant moments in history.