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I am pleased to let everyone know that I have taken on a small role with The Dramatists Guild of America in the role of Australian Ambassador.

My remit is to assist all Australian dramatists (playwrights and musical theatre writers) in availing themselves of the incredible resources available through the Dramatists Guild.  Founded in 1926 and based in New York City, it is an extraordinary organization committed to advocacy for dramatists’ interests and assisting them in developing both their artistic and business skills through publications and educational programs – many of which increasingly are available online.

There is no equivalent organisation in Australia.

I encourage, therefore, all Australian dramatists to consider joining DG.  There are three points of entry for membership desigined for dramatists at all stages of professional development: Member, Associate and Student. Ranging between $150 – $45 USD per annum (dependent upon your applicable entry point) it is a financial investment well and truly worthy of the services offered.

Paul_KalburgiIn New Zealand, you are fortunate to have Mr. Paul Kalburgi as your local DG Amabassador.  Paul and I will be combining our efforts to help all dramatists in New Zealand and Australia become more conversant about the pathways and opportunities available in bringing new work to the stage whether in Australian and New Zealand, in the USA and beyond.

Paul and I believe that dramatists from our part of the world really must start thinking more globally about how to get new plays and works of musical theatre heard beyond our shores – whilst not foregoing the importance of continuing to pursue limited, local opportunities.

This is one of the areas we are happy to assist with in terms of advice – but the same advice can as easily be gleaned from The Dramatists Guild website Member menu. To reiterate, think carefully about the importance and value in becoming a DG member. In fact, go and do it right now!

As we move forward, Paul and I will canvass opportunities to enable local meet-ups and create better ways of damatists in Australia and New Zealand to communicate with each other.  One major meet-up opportunity in Melbourne (VIC) will be in November 2020.  More on this later.

More soon.  2020 is going to be busy!

Kevin Purcell

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