ABC 7:30 Report That I Had Never Seen!

In a slightly bizarre turn of events, I came across the above video from 2010 – made whilst working in a different capacity to MD’ing – of a fantastic story done by the ABC’s 7:30 Report team of Stephen Schwartz’s concerts in Australia.

Now I say bizarre, because I am in this video (and in a suit if you don’t mind) albeit briefly thank heavens, and had never seen it, let alone hardly remember answering questions on-camera (where did that analogy to Tiger Woods come from?).

What is truly great about this interview – other than the great man being his usual erudite self – are the contributions from the wonderful Silvie Paladino along with Aussie musical theatre composer, Drew Lane (talented man that he is).  There is also a very nice cameo of Liz Calloway briefly running through ‘Meadlowlark’ from The Baker’s Wife (pity this wasn’t given more airtime because it was extraordinary in-concert).

Hope you enjoy it.


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