Slight Restructure of This Blog and New Book in Preparation


Larry Hochman (Orchestrator/Composer)

Good morning!  Well, I’ve decided that I am going to re-structure this blog series into several different categories.  I’ve mulled over this issue for some time, but finally Web Designer-extraordinaire, Chris Stevens, and I  have decided on a ‘restructure’ plan.  Its not a question of what we intend, but how we intend to make some minor changes to information retrieval and flow.  Why do this?  Because Chris (mostly Chris!) and I have been looking an evaluating web sites together now for going on eight years.  How time flies.

I also have a new book in the works.  What?  Yes, yes, I know after nearly twenty years of authorial silence, I have decided to take the plunge again.  Why do this?  Because up to now, I have had nothing to say since completing the book Rock Essentials with Andrew Brown and the late, and much missed, Steve C. Dillon.

So, as these things go these days, I am going to road-test much of the new book on this site.  The first section to be posted here is a recent interview I did, over dinner in New York, with the incomparable Tony and Emmy-award winning theatre, concert and television and film orchestrator/composer – Larry Hochman.  When I was editing Part I of this interview two weeks ago (in one of those mythical spare moments) I was reminded exactly why the c0-orchestrator for Book of Mormon is one of the industry’s leading lights.  Anyway, this interview is forthcoming on this site  – and for those of late who have been asking me about orchestration questions, the interview is gold!

In haste, have orchestrations to finish for The New York Pops.  Eek, is that late already!

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