A Mahler Centenary Recording Project

I had the great pleasure of starting to work on a Mahler recording project last November being done out of Los Angeles.  Works to be recorded include the chamber orchestra versions of Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Songs of a Wayfarer) and Das Lied von der Erde (Songs of the Earth), both in the Schoenberg/Rainer Riehn editions.

The musicians for this project are drawn from the Principal players of the Los Angeles Opera and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestras respectively, with LA-based mezzo-soprano, Bonnie Snell Schindler (what a voice!)

Very kindly, I have permission to put up the following 8-minute rehearsal extract from the rehearsal of No. 1 ‘Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht’.  By posting this video, I don’t intend it to be a riveting video exposé of anything, other than showing how to rehearse in a very time-constrained environment (when you record, “Time is money” as the saying goes).

Worthy of note, notwithstanding, is that these performing editions of Mahler’s work are riddled with incredible errors and misprints.  The number of hours that myself and my colleagues spent re-proof reading and correcting parts did not leave anyone enchanted with the prior work of the publishers!  Listen very carefully for the conversation where the violist is pointing out that she can’t play a double-stop as printed!

The full video and soundtrack of these recordings will be available later this year.  This session was shot on a mult-camera setup at The Firehouse Recording Studios in Pasadena, and is currently being edited by those genii who know about that sort of stuff.

From a conductor’s perspective, the quality and interpretative abilities of all the musicians involved on this project is simply stunning.  It was a good day!

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