“New York, New York, A Wonderful Town”

Outside David H, Koch Theater, Lincoln Center, NYC

Outside David H, Koch Theater, Lincoln Center, NYC

This line comes from a Bernstein/Comden & Green song originally from the 1944 show A Wonderful Town. In actuality, I’ve had this ongoing love-hate relationship with NYC for many years, but the city is undeniably infectious and exhilarating. Today was one I will always remember. Why I hear you so enthusiastically ask? Well, completely and unexpectedly, I met and got the chance to chat with William David Brohn – without doubt, one of the great theatre orchestrators of the modern era and whose work I have been assiduously studying for years (if only to try and figure out how he does it).

Bill has just completed work on Cameron Macintosh’s new Musical Betty, Blue Eyes with music and book by the very talented British writing team of Stiles & Drewe. A smattering of Mr. Brohn’s credits reads like an orchestrator’s ‘Who’s Who’, and include Wicked, Mary Poppins, Ragtime (Ahrens & Flaherty) and, one of my very favourite shows, Martin Guerre.

Today’s orchestral rehearsals for Séance on a Wet Afternoon were astounding. If you’re in New York from April 19, buy a ticket and see this production at the Lincoln Center. It will change your perceptions about what Opera really can be!

More from New York in a few days.


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