Australian Musical Theatre Writer Development

Drew_LaneThis is just a quick post to congratulate Drew Lane on his occasional blog feature on the Aussie Theatre Web site.  In his own right, Drew is a burgeoning talent in the current generation of young Australian songwriter/composers who invest their time and energy in developing new works for the musical stage.

Drew’s ability to synthesize and redact the principles of good craftsmanship as espoused by Stephen Schwartz in writing for characters and situations in a Musical should be read, analysed, absorbed and implemented by all writers (young or old; novice or experienced).  Terrific stuff and good to see. Continue Reading →

A Mahler Centenary Recording Project

I had the great pleasure of starting to work on a Mahler recording project last November being done out of Los Angeles.  Works to be recorded include the chamber orchestra versions of Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Songs of a Wayfarer) and Das Lied von der Erde (Songs of the Earth), both in the Schoenberg/Rainer Riehn editions.

The musicians for this project are drawn from the Principal players of the Los Angeles Opera and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestras respectively, with LA-based mezzo-soprano, Bonnie Snell Schindler (what a voice!) Continue Reading →

What Goes with Puccini?

I’ve pondered over many years what other operas you would put with any of Puccini’s ‘Il trittico’ if you were not going to do these operas as a double or triple-bill in their own right?  When in Lyon recently, I finally learned the answer.  What inspired programming by Opera Lyon!  What better to go with Il Tabbaro than Schoenberg’s Von Heute Auf Morgen; Une Tragédie Florentine by Zemlinsky paired with Gianni Schicchi and, lastly, Hindemith’s Sancta Susannna with the oft performed Suor Angelica.  Good programming; interesting programming; provocative programming.  Next time I see some of the more commonplace, non-thinking, complementary billings with these masterful Puccini jewels, I shall remember the innovation of Opera Lyon.  Bravo.


Conrad Pope’s Film Music: My Week With Marilyn

I don’t usually write about Film Music.  With very few exceptions, I don’t really have a great deal of time for the musical travesties perpetrated on the unsuspecting public by Hollywood executives and their ridiculous penchant for ‘sound design’ scores.  This is, however, not a diatribe against some of the most gifted composers I know; some of whom, also happen to make their living from working in the so-called ‘Hollywood Film Music’ business.  My Week with Marilyn is one such case. Continue Reading →

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