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REACT: UK Knowledge Exchange Hub For The Creative Industries

I don’t, as a rule use my website to discuss academic research in which I am involved.  But every now and again when something really peaks my interest, for any particular reason, I make an exception.  So please feel free to click away now if this is not your cup of tea.

In September 2012, Jon Dovey, Professor of Screen Media and Director of the Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC) and Director of REACT, spoke at the Media Summit 2012 in Bournemouth.  REACT stands for Research and Enterprise in Arts and Creative Technology.  It is a consortium of the universities of Bristol, West England, Bath and Exeter established with creative industries research monies from the AHRC and TSB.  It is one of four Knowledge Exchange hubs for the Creative Industries sector in the UK.  Why is this important and why am I interested in this? Continue Reading →

Interviews with American Theatre Creatives: Brisa Trinchero (Producer)

As you may recall, I am in the process of writing a new book about the Musical Theatre industry in the USA and UK –  otherwise referred to as ‘Broadway’ and the ‘West End’ – albeit the industry is far more diverse than these two primary Meccas for aspiring writers, and an area which is also covered in some depth inside the book.

As part of the development for writing this book, I have  interviewed a number of leading theatre professionals around the world about their work and the current state of the industry.   Without exception, everyone interviewed have given freely of their time – and they are busy folk – so my thanks to each and everyone of them is entirely heartfelt.

Each interviewee has also reviewed the transcript of their respective interview, so what you read is really what they want to say and impart to readers as salient information.

The book covers five main areas of investigation: Continue Reading →

Diogo Rodrigues plays Sanz

I saw this on the Early Guitars and Vihuela network this morning in my ongoing quest to figure out more about the baroque guitar and decided ‘to share’ on a whim.  I’m much taken with this young man’s playing.  Born in Sao Paulo, this young lutenist and baroque guitarist is a member of Ensemble La Notte.

Of course, it helps that Diogo is playing one of my very favourite pieces (‘Canarios’).  You can find other videos of this talented young man on YouTube if you’re interested?

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ps.  I’ve also cross-posted this on The Mapmaker’s Opera website