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Another Victim in The Demise of Tertiary Music in Australia: Vale ANU School of Music

ANU_School_of_MusicShould we lament the news, as part of the necessary change management process underway at ANU, of the catastrophic consequences for its School of Music?  Quite obviously, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”  The raison d’être for this decision is almost invariably complex and similar to the previous loss of other notable music departments in Australia – not the least being the infamous demise of La Trobe University’s music department; quite possibly the most disgraceful act of academic and political confabulation and shortsighted stupidity by a university Senior Management Team within the last 20 years in Australia. Continue Reading →


In Full Voice: SMH Article on Australian Musical Theatre Development

CATS_ImageThe article about which I am offering an opinion can be read here:

Whereas, it is not factually accurate, as Dean Bryant suggests that ”Musicals in Australia are probably by far the most popular form of live performing arts.” he’s not that far from being right.  Live music performance in the ‘contemporary popular music’ genre is that most popular form of live performing arts in this country.  The apposite point is that the musical theatre genre is a significant contributor to the health of the live performing arts sector in Australia.  Without it, much other theatre would languish in its wake. Continue Reading →


Another Amazing Kinshasa Orchestra Story

60_Minutes_Logo_Joy_In_Congo_StoryAkin to my post on the Kinshasa Symphony from a few weeks back; having learned of the documentary that was made by two German filmmakers, here is a follow-up story on this remarkable ensemble in the Congo – beautifully constructed and edited by the American, 60 Minutes Team – that just continues to inspire.  There is something about this story that just touches the hearts and minds of many of my friends and colleagues.

Listen for the voice-over line:  “They’re faces change when they do their music” and watch the vision.  It says everything!


‘The Barbra Streisand Songbook’ Concert with the Boston Pops

BSO_LogoAs part of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Pops 2012 season, there is an incredible series of concerts under the banner of Visions of America underpinned by the photographer, Joseph Sohm’s stunning images from all 50 American States.

The season theme will culminate in the Visions of America Photo-Symphony, a sweeping photographic portrait of American life set to music by the acclaimed Roger Kellaway, with lyrics by the unrivaled Alan and Marilyn Bergman.  This multi-media project, enhanced by the recorded narration of Clint Eastwood, will be premiered in performances on June 14, 15, 16. Continue Reading →


‘Kinshasa Symphony’: An Ode To Musical Joy In Central Africa

OK, So I am swamped with work, hence the lack of activity here on this site or on The Mapmaker’s Opera site in recent days – well, yes, admittedly more like a couple of weeks actually.  I have a number of posts “packed, stacked and racked” as the saying goes, but not enough time to devote to them.

I am hoping that no-one takes umbrage at me putting up this trailer of a new documentary about the Kinshasa Symphony in Central Africa.  I just think it is one of the most amazing, humbling and inspirational pieces of documentary film making that I have had the joy of discovering. Continue Reading →


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