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Leadership in Conducting: An Interesting Perspective

This is an interesting 2009 TED talk on different aspects of leadership given by Israeli conductor Itay Talgam.  It was shown to me by a young colleague Tom Theakston in Manchester (who, into the future, will be a name to remember in music circles).  I think the interesting thing that comes from this exposition by Mr. Talgam is that leadership is contiguous with the ability to communicate, and that communication at a high level can be manifested in different ways.  Conversely, an inability to articulate what is needed at critical junctures in demanding environments almost invariably leads to a lesser outcome.  It’s about 21 minutes of your time, but you’ll learn something.

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Welcome back. I’m writing from Manchester (UK). This viedo discussion panel/interview (about 48 mins. duration) is really a masterclass in writing Musicals from Winnie Holzman and Stephen Schwartz (co-writers of Wicked). It was recorded at the 2nd. Dramatists Guild Conference in Chicago about a week ago. I didn’t get to see this session as Ned Ginsburg and I were doing a parallel session in another room discussing the composer/orchestrator collaboration process, so I am really pleased that this session was filmed for a broader audience.

I needn’t say more. If you’re interested in how great Musicals come about, then “watch, listen and learn”, as the saying goes.

NB. The insightful questions from ASCAP’s Director of Musical Theatre, Michael A. Kerker, in directing the conversation to a packed room of conference attendees – the man is a living encyclopedia in all things related to American Musical Theatre!

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The Dramatists Guild Conference (Chicago)

DG_LogoToday, I am taking a few days away from my current commitments in London to attend the Dramatists Guild Conference in Chicago.  I’m also getting to give a presentation tomorrow afternoon with the very fine Broadway orchestrator, Ned Ginsburg, which will be very exciting.

The Dramatists Guild is a wonderful member support and advocacy organisation for writers of theatre in the USA.  They provide an exceptional service in areas of promoting the creative writing aspect of theatre, as well as access to formidable education and legal assistance resources of relevance to the community of members.  It is most worthwhile considering applying for membership with DG.  Personally, I have received critical advice on several occasions that alone has warranted my decision to become involved.  You do not need to be based in the USA to seek membership.

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