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What Do I Learn From ‘Wicked’ The Musical?

Wicked_LogoHaving spent some time previously musing about the relative non-success of ALW’s The Woman in White, I thought I’d turn to a brief reflection on the Musical phenomenon that opened the year before TWIW on Broadway:  Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman’s Wicked – The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz.

I was fortunate to see this show again last Saturday in London at The Apollo Victoria Theatre – especially so in that I just ‘rocked-up’ and said “I’d like to buy a ticket please?”  Given that the theatre was full for the Saturday Matinee; in a theatre that has just over 2,300 seats, I thought myself a bit fortunate in hindsight! Continue Reading →

‘The Woman In White’ & Musings on Andrew Lloyd Webber

wAndrew_Lloyd_Webber_ComposerThe one truly exceptional Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber that deserves to be far better recognised for it’s musical integrity is The Woman in White.  I was fortunate to see it in the first week of it opening in the west end in London in 2004.  I loved it for its writing.  I didn’t love it for certain elements in production execution (NB, I didn’t say elements in ‘Design’ which, in fact, I admired for the technology available at the time).

The article below in which The Telegraph’s Charles Spencer interviews ALW is interesting on several levels.  Noteworthy is the composer’s comments on the rise-and-rise of Musical Comedy to the detriment of more serious musical theatre subject matter, and secondly his observations on the need for structural intergrity in the book of Musicals.  It’s worth the read. Continue Reading →

ABC 7:30 Report That I Had Never Seen!

In a slightly bizarre turn of events, I came across the above video from 2010 – made whilst working in a different capacity to MD’ing – of a fantastic story done by the ABC’s 7:30 Report team of Stephen Schwartz’s concerts in Australia.

Now I say bizarre, because I am in this video (and in a suit if you don’t mind) albeit briefly thank heavens, and had never seen it, let alone hardly remember answering questions on-camera (where did that analogy to Tiger Woods come from?).

What is truly great about this interview – other than the great man being his usual erudite self – are the contributions from the wonderful Silvie Paladino along with Aussie musical theatre composer, Drew Lane (talented man that he is).  There is also a very nice cameo of Liz Calloway briefly running through ‘Meadlowlark’ from The Baker’s Wife (pity this wasn’t given more airtime because it was extraordinary in-concert).

Hope you enjoy it.


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