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20th-Century Fox Goes Broadway


Producer, Kevin McCollum

The implications from the recent announcement I read from AP (see below) are profound.  There will be columns of print written on this in due course and opinion pieces by the score (sic.) so I might as well get my soapbox declaration in earlier than later.

Wait, I know, you think this is going to be the first of many diatribes on the watering down of Broadway by turning Movies into Musicals.  Sorry, but we don’t waste our time here on uninformed criticism.  I think that this new venture by the major film studios into populating product onto the Great White Way (not so great on Off-Broadway right now) will do exactly what the old, stuffy, techno-luddite, oft-blinkered mentality that “prosc-arch staging is still ‘King'”, Broadway producing cartels need to have done to them – bring Broadway into the 21C!

The ever-present danger; with the film back catalogue that 20C Fox have at their disposal, is that they will not pick those films that will make good on-stage drama or musical comedy.  Let’s face it, they haven’t always got it right in the past, without naming certain films previously turned into Musicals (and not only by Fox). Continue Reading →

Regie Opera: Why Don’t I Hear This Tirade About Musical Theatre?

Mario_LanzaOK, why I am on this?  Because I agree with opera artists like Ferruccio Furlanetto and Piotr Beczala, and maestro Lorin Maazel, that ‘Regie’ opera – sometimes referred outside of Europe as ‘Director’s’ opera – can be utterly insulting to music directors, singers and audiences alike.  It’s an ugly propensity evident in some directors of “I know better than the composer and librettist” that continues to prevail throughout much contemporary opera.  The most recent example that I can think of, was the cancellation of the Dusseldorf production of Tannhäuser.  Masquerading as professional opera, this was a travesty of opera producing suitably consigned to the rubbish heap. Continue Reading →

National Radio Orchestra and Chorus Greece Shutdown: A Disgrace

Posted on Lebrecht’s Slipped Disc Blog on June 15, 2013, this is an emotional-response-engendering video of Greece’s NRO and Chorus performing, some in tears, in their rehearsal room a few days ago. Irrespective of the lack of context around the incumbent Greek government’s decision to close down its national broadcaster due to fiscal priorities; as it attempts to find a way through it current economic crisis, and along with it the NRO and Chorus, it is very difficult to see how this can be anything but a monumentally flawed decision. That 2650 more families are now without job is very human face of how fragile the Arts are when a paucity of intellectual integrity is applied by the limited capacities inherent in bureaucratic process. Ever was it thus sadly. Continue Reading →