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What Goes with Puccini?

I’ve pondered over many years what other operas you would put with any of Puccini’s ‘Il trittico’ if you were not going to do these operas as a double or triple-bill in their own right?  When in Lyon recently, I finally learned the answer.  What inspired programming by Opera Lyon!  What better to go with Il Tabbaro than Schoenberg’s Von Heute Auf Morgen; Une Tragédie Florentine by Zemlinsky paired with Gianni Schicchi and, lastly, Hindemith’s Sancta Susannna with the oft performed Suor Angelica.  Good programming; interesting programming; provocative programming.  Next time I see some of the more commonplace, non-thinking, complementary billings with these masterful Puccini jewels, I shall remember the innovation of Opera Lyon.  Bravo.



Conrad Pope’s Film Music: My Week With Marilyn

I don’t usually write about Film Music.  With very few exceptions, I don’t really have a great deal of time for the musical travesties perpetrated on the unsuspecting public by Hollywood executives and their ridiculous penchant for ‘sound design’ scores.  This is, however, not a diatribe against some of the most gifted composers I know; some of whom, also happen to make their living from working in the so-called ‘Hollywood Film Music’ business.  My Week with Marilyn is one such case. Continue Reading →


Ben Cameron TED Presentation Commentary: The True Power of the Performing Arts

I’ve decided to re-write my initial comments on Ben Cameron’s presentation for TED in 2010.  Upon further reflection having previously referred to Cameron’s short lecture as a ‘doomsday bonhomie’ approach to the subject matter, the basic premise behind his super-charged rhetoric is both sound and, remains, very disturbing.  Keep in mind that this presentation is nearly two years old (Calgary, Feb. 2010) and the situation in respect to the viability of the performing arts is now more dire than ever.

I have several posts in draft status at the moment both on this web site and for The Mapmaker’s Opera project.  Stay tuned for my analysis of thoughts given in a radio interview recently by Edelman’s own Steve Rubel and his glimpse into the future of Transmedia and Digital Storytelling.  Fascinating.

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