Why I Love Music Theatre NOW

2nd_International_Music Theatre_Workshop_Cover_1987I was reading an E-blast from Music Theatre NOW based in Germany this morning.  I love these folk and their dedication “…to worldwide exchange in new opera and music theatre”. (They don’t mean Broadway-style Musicals by the way!)

The role of Music Theatre NOW is critical in the discourse of imagining and exploiting new types of theatre praxis. And if there was ever a time in the World where the right to imagine, design, and produce works of theatre free of censorship, political interference or acts of xenophobia – this must be it surely!

But what really got my attention was a digital re-issue of proceedings from the 2nd International Music Theatre Workshop in 1987. Within that publication this is what peaked my particular interest: Music Theatre in Australia from this time was represented in the workshop! Who knew? I certainly didn’t, but then we didn’t have the Internet in those days either, and information was harder to come by in all forms.

It makes fascinating reading, particularly for Theatre Arts practitioners in Australia to observe how far we haven’t come in 30 years!

The transcription of the interview in question speaks for itself so, unless you want to read the entire published proceedings here, just have a quick look from two screen grabs that highlight the Australian context.

Clip #1


Clip #2


And that about says it all!

By the way, I still know theatre creatives and struggling producers here in the States who would love to be given $100 to spend on sets, costumes and props!  But forget the $50 for piano tuning.  Clearly an unnecessary production cost. Don’t they just stay in tune? Joke, no?

And, Sir Brian MacMaster is a veritable hero to everyone!

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