Thank you Hillsdale College

Hillsdale_College_CampusI had a great time with the Faculty and students in  the Music School at Hillsdale College, Michigan, last week.  The Music School is learning centre of academic and artistic excellence, under the fine stewardship of Department Chair, Prof. Jim Holleman.

I was delighted to take both orchestra rehearsals and some private teaching of composition students.  How glorious to work with young people who remain curious and absorbed by great classical music – and its myriad complexities in developing concert worthy performances, or the discipline in evoking musical gestures on manuscript to allow performers to interpret new works as close to the composer’s intent.

Hillsdale is about 1.5 hours east of Toledo.  It’s a charming town.  Students looking for a first-class education in music should seriously consider this institution over bigger city rivals.  Certainly, the facilities and campus are some of the best I have seen anywhere.

Thanks Hillsdale College.  It was great.



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